2021.05.13 16:31

Baltics step closer to leaving Moscow-controlled power grid 2021.05.13 16:31

On Thursday, the Baltic states took a major step towards unplugging from their Soviet-era power grid controlled from Moscow with the arrival of a major piece of infrastructure in Lithuania.

The country’s energy minister, Dainius Kreivys, hailed the arrival of a 164-tonne autotransformer as a “crucial step” towards energy security, according to the AFP news wire.

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The transformer will allow power to arrive from neighbouring Poland to Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania via the LitPol link.

The Baltic states plan to synchronise their power grids with the rest of Europe by 2025 in a project considered by Brussels critical to the EU’s energy security.

"Synchronisation will be the last step in Lithuania's integration with democratic Western world," Kreivys said.

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