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Jon Soberg: Rasing series A, B, C - things to know and expect from an investor

2014-10-24 02:47
Įvertinimas: 0 pristato pranešimų įrašus iš tarptautinės konferencijos „Sillicon Valley Comes to Baltic“ vykusios Vilniuje, spalio 11-12 dienomis. Co-founder and General Partner, Expansive Ventures Jon Soberg is a global early stage venture investor specializing in financial technologies, enterprise software, and global markets. As a Managing Director at Blumberg Capital, Jon was an active investor, having led a large portion of the investments and served as a board member for 22 companies, and observer for another 13. Jon has been a key member in 46 investments with the Blumberg team across several continents.

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