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Vitaly M. Golomb: „Dont be a Fin Wantrepreneur“

2014-10-24 12:19
Įvertinimas: 0 pristato pranešimų įrašus iš tarptautinės konferencijos „Sillicon Valley Comes to Baltic“ vykusios Vilniuje, spalio 11-12 dienomis. Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He is an award-winning designer and startup veteran since the age of 13. He founded and serves as the CEO of Keen Systems, a leading ecommerce platform connecting providers and customers in the $640B printing industry. He is also a General Partner at CEED Valley Ventures, a seed stage venture fund focused on emerging European startups. His areas of expertise include design, branding, product development, user experience, user acquisition, partnerships, and venture capital. Besides that he is the Executive Producer of the Startup AddVenture conference, the leading annual startup event in Central and Eastern Europe and a consistently voted top mentor with a number of top accelerators including 500 Startups, TechPeaks, ZIP, Happy Farm and Innovation Nest.

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