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Sridhar Solur: Why are the Swiss not worried about the Apple watch?

2014-10-23 18:39
Įvertinimas: 0 pristato pranešimų įrašus iš tarptautinės konferencijos „Sillicon Valley Comes to Baltic“ vykusios Vilniuje, spalio 11-12 dienomis. Sridhar Solur is a serial intrapreneur, technologist and a business leader focused on all things Mobile and IOT. He has over 20 years of experience in Consulting, Operations and Corporate Venturing creating new products and Services. He was the founder of HPs Cloud and Mobile Printing business (commercialized as HP ePrint) and Head of Mobile Applications and Platforms for the Mobility Global Business Unit. He is now the Managing Director and General Manager of the Wearables and IOT business in HP. He not only has several patents but is also an avid speaker, marathon runner and has lived and worked in all three geographies. In his spare time he is a Mentor to 500 Startups and on the advisory board of several incubators.

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