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Damian Eads: What building an early stage startup in the Sillicon Valley means?

2014-10-23 11:56
Įvertinimas: 0 pristato pranešimų įrašus iš tarptautinės konferencijos „Sillicon Valley Comes to Baltic“ vykusios Vilniuje, spalio 11-12 dienomis. Damian is the architect and creator of’s core machine learning technologies. He has a fascination of how to make early-stage start-ups succeed in discovering scalable businesses and grow them. Good tech, a smart team, and hard work are necessary, but they are not sufficient. With an unstructured approach, the chances of success for building a massive business are low. At an early stage, as strong as a start-up is in technology, it must be in rapid hypothesis testing and customer discovery via a data- and metric-driven process. By knowing your potential customers well, you can surface technology into a product that meets the highest value needs of a sufficiently large customer base. As this matures, the focus becomes developing processes to define, enable, and optimize scalability.

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