2014.12.22 13:45

LRT launches a remote control studio in the Lithuanian Parliament (Seimas)

LRT2014.12.22 13:45

The innovative IT project, the LRT remote control studio, for direct transmission of information from the Lithuanian Parliament (Seimas)

The innovative IT project, the LRT remote control studio, for direct transmission of information from the Lithuanian Parliament (Seimas)

Starting with 18 December 2014, LRT launches its latest IT development, the remote studio for securing communication with one of the governing state institutions, at any given moment, and without the filming crew involvement.

The LRT remote studio at the Parliament has the teleconference equipment, which will be used for the TV and the Internet transmissions. The teleconference communication mode for transmissions is a world-wide innovation, implemented with the participation of the international leader in IT that helps companies seize the opportunities of tomorrow by proving that amazing things can happen when you connect the previously unconnected.

Launching of this studio will enable the Lithuanian public broadcaster to save its funds, since there will be no need of sending journalists and cameramen to do interviews and special reports, which is a daily routine in this one of the country’s main governmental institutions. The interviewees, when needed, will have the opportunity of addressing audiences directly, without the intermediary.

This modern-day conference equipment provides the signal without delay: interviewees will hear the programme host’s question at the same time as viewers. Therefore, it will enable avoiding those several second lags in transmissions that have had place until now.

The studio is equipped with remote control cameras, lighting and modern audio technologies.

“Lithuania has a strong tradition of taking advantage of Internet based technology. With one of the fastest Internet networks in the world, Lithuania has positioned itself at the forefront of innovation. At Cisco, we believe innovation happens when people can share ideas freely, despite time and place and we are confident that Red Carpet will set the standard for merging TV Broadcast Media with Internet based real time rich communications. We are proud to be taking part in enabling the national debate in Lithuania”, says Simo Leisti, General Manager for Finland and the Baltics.

“It’s really great that from now on Lithuanian MPs will have an opportunity of participating in live programmes without leaving their workplace and without assistance from the Parliament’s Office and the LRT staff. The LRT’s remote studio will insure more effective, dynamic and convenient provision of information on the Seimas activities”, says Arturas Zeleniakas, Head of the Seimas Communication and Public Relations Department.

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