2012.11.05 20:04

Labour Party claims 17 mandates, Social Democrats – 15

DELFI EN | The Lithuania Tribune, DELFI.lt2012.11.05 20:04

Most candidates that qualified for the second round in single-member constituencies belong to the Labour party and Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats, reported on 16 October.

The second round will take place on 28 October in 68 single-member constituencies. Threeconstituencies have already elected members of Parliament during the first round: Social Democrat Algirdas Butkevičius in Vilkaviškis, the Labour party member Virginija Baltraitienė in Kėdainiai and member of the Elctoral Action of Poles – Leonardas Talmontas in Vilnius–Šalčininkai.

36 Labourers and 35 Conservative candidates will continue to contend for the Member of the Parliament mandate.

Moreover, 28 members of the Social Democrats, 9 candidates from the Path of Courage party, 8 candidates from the Order and Justice Party, 6 members of the Liberal Movement Party and 6 members from the Electoral Action of Poles, 4 independent candidates and 2 members from each of Lithuanian Peasants and Greens Union, and Liberal and Centre Union candidates will be competing in the second round of the Parliamentary elections.

During the first round, the Conservatives were leading in 23 districts, Social Democrats were at the top in 18 districts, while Labour party was leading in 13 districts. Candidates from the Order and Justice party were at the top in 5 districts, both Liberal Movement and Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania were at the top in 4 districts, Lithuanian Peasants and Greens Union and independent candidates – in 2 districts.

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