2012.07.30 15:43

The International Painting Workshop in Klaipėda

2012.07.30 15:43

The Lithuanian Sea Port Klaipeda marks its 760 years anniversary, among other events, with the International Painting Workshop “Crossings”.

Painters from the former Soviet Union republics - Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Ukraine - have gathered in Klaipeda, to paint a new and more exciting face of the city.

Hosts of the Event invited artists from these countries, because local people find their art exciting and exotic; and they mix colors more drastically, if compared to their Lithuanian colleagues.

Works of the guest painters, exhibited in the Old Town, will enliven the atmosphere of Klaipeda, these days living in wait of the festivities.

In the meantime, artists from Lithuania, Sweden, United States and Russia participated in a separate workshop, dedicated to watercolor, where painters visualized the stories from the Klaipeda Sculpture Park.

People of Klaipeda could also participate in the Event, while creating a joint work “in co-operation” with the professional artists.

Video material that was submitted to European Broadcasting Union:


Various shots of painting

Soundbite (Russian)

Iliyos Mamadzhanov, painter from Tajikistan:

It is the first time that I’m visiting your country. I was deeply impressed by the many colors and shades of amber. There is a lot of amber here In Lithuania, and I like it very much. So, in my composition, I sought to show the light that emanates from it.

Soundbite (Russian)

Dadash Mammadov, painter from Azerbaijan:

My work – it’s a girl without eyes. Why so? This blue necklace is very important here. It is of the same color as Klaipeda girls’ eyes.

Soundbite (Lithuanian)

Citizen of Klaipėda:

Watercolor is my weakness. I love this type of art. And this place is very interesting. It is very important place for Klaipeda, both energetically and historically.