2013.10.29 08:27

A stylised Vytis will bloom in Bernardinai Garden next spring 2013.10.29 08:27

On 24 October 2013, the Mayor of Vilnius, Artūras Zuokas, and the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Kornelis Spaans, visited the renewed Bernardinai Garden where designers from the Keukenhof flower park as well as students of Vileišis school helped florists plant tulips, Made in Vilnius informed.

The specialists that came from the biggest flower park in the world, Keukenhof, planted a total of 80,000 tulip bulbs. A 125m2 flower replica of Vytis (Lithuania’s Coat of Arms) is expected to bloom in the spring.

This is the embassy’s way of contributing to the project, ‘Dovana Vilniui’ (A Present for Vilnius).

This year the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands presented Vilnius with 7,600 flowers, which bloomed in Olandų žiedas in Vilnius and took up 120m2.

This is the second time that the Kingdom of the Netherlands has presented Lithuania with such a gift, the first time being when Lithuania became a part of the European Union back in 2004.