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Lithuania to spend €6.5m on renting cars for Vilnius NATO Summit

The Lithuanian Foreign Ministry will rent cars for the NATO summit in Vilnius in July from Autolux, the Baltic representative of the US car rental company Hertz, for up to 6.48 million euros.

“The maximum number of cars is 510, and the minimum number may vary,” Autolux CEO Mantas Narkevicius told BNS in a comment. “The cars will be up to five years old, but most of them will be brand new.”

The company will rent out vehicles worth 28 million euros in total. All passenger cars will have to be of the premium segment, and minibuses will have to be equipped with certain equipment.

The Foreign Ministry says it will rent all the cars needed for the NATO summit from Autolux.

Autolux said earlier this week that Šiaulių Bank had doubled its financing limit to 20 million euros and that some of the funds would be used for purchasing vehicles for the NATO summit.

The NATO summit in Vilnius will take place on July 11-12 and is expected to bring together around 40 delegations from NATO member and partner countries.

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