2013.06.12 11:46

Lithuania of success – we build it ourselves

DELFI.lt2013.06.12 11:46

President Dalia Grybauskaitė delivered her fourth State of the Nation Address at the Seimas, the Press Service of the President has informed. 

President Dalia Grybauskaitė delivered her fourth State of the Nation Address at the Seimas, the Press Service of the President has informed.

Inviting all to an open conversation about the place of Lithuania in the world and about the situation in Lithuania, the President underscored the contribution of the people to transforming Lithuania and initiating changes, and drew attention to new threats to national development.

“After many challenges, we are once again on the path of success. This year the name of Lithuania resonated among the best European economists, investors, athletes, innovators, and many others. Europe and the world have recognized the efforts of our people. Lithuania – small as it is – is emerging as a country of great ability,” the President said.

The President invited all to become true masters of their state and never again to allow others to be in control. If each of us makes a difference the way we can, we will have a home where it is good to grow up and where we are not afraid to grow old.

According to the President, changes began where we did not hesitate to assume responsibility and take resolute action. This is the time of crucial change in the judicial system when judges no longer tolerate negligent colleagues.

“And though it is still possible to “buy a heart attack” in our country, it is becoming ever more difficult to “buy” a judge. And that is because the judges themselves do not want to be for sale,” she pointed out.

When law enforcement officers upheld their independence from politicians, fight against corruption started to yield results: 20 criminal cases of illicit enrichment have already reached courts and 139 more pre-trial investigations are under way, the Financial Crime Investigation Service alone has carried out 80 pre-trial investigations into attempts to illegally receive EU support funds.

As the President has noted, we ourselves stabilized the economic and financial situation in the country. However, only consistent actions can translate projected growth into real benefits for every individual person in Lithuania.

“Six months have already passed since this government took the oath of office. After long preparation for work, it is time to start working. If we want to live better, we must work more and faster. Lack of political will, complicated decision making, inability to respond instantly, time consuming meetings in working groups – all of this can be very detrimental and even damaging to the state,” the President said.

She further pointed out that energy dependence also makes us economically vulnerable. As we continue to be undecided and disagree about the national energy strategy – already the seventh – secret visits by Rosatom, undisclosed Gazprom memorandums and documentaries by pseudo greens are making decisions for us, she noted.

“Stuck in the calculation of economic costs and prices, politicians risk to deviate from the road of energy security to a nationally disastrous path of one-day profits. It means that energy self-dependence and freedom can become an object of exchange, just like the Lithuanian language is becoming a hostage of political agreements made by the governing coalition,” the President said.

According to the President, our foreign policy dimensions are also shaped by the geopolitical interests. Therefore, it is not only intelligence services, but also diplomatic radars that must detect signals important to the security of the Lithuanian people. It is also important to distinguish when we are offered a truly brotherly shoulder or friendship based on advantage.

Speaking about the country’s security the President drew attention to vulnerability of the internet space.

“The first open attack against Lithuania’s internet space is a serious warning that we need to strengthen our defence capacities. I see this attack as a manifestation of terrorism. Therefore it is we ourselves who must defend the state in all spheres,” she underlined.

The President further highlighted the importance of providing high-quality information to the society, as it is easier to manipulate a misguided and divided nation.

“Each year state institutions spend around 60-70 million litas for publicising their activities. However, today it has become a real challenge to receive objective and comprehensible information. Lack of credible facts, lots of misleading articles, news distorted by interest groups are depriving our people of the right to choose and make their own decisions. Even a national referendum is reduced to farce,” the President said.

In conclusion, the President stressed the importance of the people’s fundamental agreement – the Constitution: “For some, the duty to live in accordance with this agreement still seems to be too heavy. But it is the only way towards trust in each other and the state. It is the ultimate guarantee of our survival. Freedom is fragile. It will live on as long as we keep it in our hearts, loved and protected by all,” she said.

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