2023.03.17 15:44

Strasbourg allows Lithuania to intervene in Ukraine vs Russia case

BNS 2023.03.17 15:44

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on Friday granted Lithuania's request to intervene as a third party in Ukraine's case against Russia over military aggression and human rights violations, the Justice Ministry said.

Lithuania has joined the proceedings before the Strasbourg court's Grand Chamber as a third-party intervener together with 25 other European countries, it said in a press release.

According to Justice Minister Ewelina Dobrowolska, the court's ruling in the case "could serve as a basis for securing legal redress for victims of the Russian military aggression".

"Lithuania will use all legal means to ensure that the actions of the aggressor do not go unpunished," the minister said.

"Russia must be held accountable for the mass killing and maiming of the Ukrainian people and the destruction of homes and other public infrastructure. It will also have to pay for all the damage it has caused," she said.

Lithuania filed its third-party intervention request with the ECHR last August.

The case concerns the Ukrainian government’s allegations of mass and gross human rights violations committed by Russia in its military operations.

In its application filed on June 23, 2022, Kyiv alleges that Russia is carrying out targeted, indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks against civilians and their property throughout Ukraine in violation of international law.

Ukraine is demanding an end to the Russian military aggression and the recognition of Russia's actions as a massive violation of human rights, as well as full compensation for the victims.

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