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Belarusian opposition in Vilnius announces transitional cabinet 2022.08.09 17:14

The Belarusian opposition in Vilnius has announced a transitional cabinet headed by Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, the former frontrunner against Alexander Lukashenko during the August 2020 presidential election.

The news was announced by Tikhanovskaya during the New Belarus conference in Vilnius on August 9. She has been in the Lithuanian capital since being forced to flee immediately after the election two years ago.

"The cabinet is a very important step. But only its creation will not solve all problems,” she said, according to Radio Liberty.

Prominent opposition figures are part of the cabinet. Pavel Latushka will be responsible for the transition of power, Aleksandr Azarov for restoring law and order, Valery Kovalevsky for foreign affairs, and Valer Sahashzyk for defence and national security.

"Our goal is to restore the constitution and legality [in Belarus]," said Latushka.

According to Radio Liberty, Tikhanovskaya said the Consultative Council will be formed by September 1 and will include representatives of the public sector.

The team plans to open other offices in Brussels, Estonia, and the Czech Republic.

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