2021.12.08 11:22

US defence bill proposes $150m for Baltic security

LRT.lt2021.12.08 11:22

US lawmakers included 150 million dollars (around 130 million euros) for Baltic cooperation in next year's defence spending plan, as well as 300 million for shoring up Ukraine's armed forces.

The fiscal 2022 National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, was released on Tuesday and passed by the House of Representatives, Reuters has reported. It has yet to be approved by US Senate.

The bill authorises 770 billion US dollars in military spending, 25 billion more than requested by President Joe Biden and about 5 percent more than last year’s budget.

Th bill includes 300 million dollars for the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, which provides support to Ukraine’s armed forces, 4 billion for the European Defense Initiative and 150 million for Baltic security cooperation.

The US also plans to spend 7.1 billion on the Pacific Deterrence Initiative, a programme aimed at curbing China's power.

Earlier drafts also included sanctions over Russia's Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline underneath the Baltic Sea, but the proposal was omitted from the bill.

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