2021.12.06 09:43

SpaceX subsidiary to launch satellite internet in Lithuania

BNS2021.12.06 09:43

As Starlink Lithuania, a unit of the US aerospace technology company SpaceX, is launching satellite internet services in Lithuania, the country's Transport Minister Marius Skuodis says it gives consumers more choice.

“The satellite broadband Starlink provides special value for regions where ground infrastructure is insufficient and mobile internet or fiber optic internet is inaccessible,” the minister was quoted in a press release.

Space X vowed to launch the service early next year, according to the statement.

The company has informed that internet speeds of 100-150 Mbps can be expected, although the quality of service should improve soon, Skuodis said.

SpaceX registered Starlink Lithuania in early June. Starlink is SpaceX's satellite constellation development project.

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