2021.12.03 15:17

Vilnius supermarket shooter released from detention

LRT.lt2021.12.03 15:17

The man who shot at a supermarket guard after being reminded to wear a facemask has been released from arrest with a tracking bracelet.

The incident, for which the man was arrested, occurred on October 19 in a Rimi supermarket in Vilnius. When urged to wear a facemask, the man fired at the guard and shot him in a leg.

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BNS has later reported that the injuries were serious, the guard was taken to a hospital and underwent several surgeries.

The shooter was arrested after the incident. On Thursday, a court decided to change arrest to a milder form of remand and the man was released home to wait for his trial.

Gintarė Vitkauskaitė-Šatkauskienė, a spokeswoman for the Prosecutor General's Office, has told that the man will have to wear an ankle bracelet monitoring his whereabouts.

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