2021.12.03 14:15

Getting your booster shot in Lithuania – what you need to know

LRT.lt2021.12.03 14:15

People in Lithuania can register for their Covid-19 vaccine booster shot. To explain the process, the country’s Health Ministry has published a guide on what vaccines are on offer.

The system is based on recommendations from the independent council of experts, assigned to help the government’s pandemic management.

If a person contracted the coronavirus before, during, or after finishing their initial vaccination, they will not need the booster shot.

If a person fell ill with Covid-19 “without finishing the first round of vaccination”, they can receive the second shot of the vaccine 180 days after the infection.

But of a person fails to develop antibodies after two shots, they will be able to receive the booster dose 28 days after the vaccination. To use this option, a person must turn to their GP with an antibody test result.

You can register for an appointment here.

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