2021.12.01 14:45

Russian arms control inspectors visiting Lithuania

BNS2021.12.01 14:45

A team of Russian arms control inspectors arrived in Lithuania on Tuesday to conduct a visit under the 2011 Vienna Document of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

On Wednesday, the Russian inspectors will visit the Iron Wolf mechanised infantry brigade in Rukla, according to the Lithuanian Defence Ministry.

On Thursday, the Russian inspectors will go to the airbase in Šiauliai and carry out a helicopter flight over a chosen inspection area.

The Russian team of inspectors will be in Lithuania until Friday.

Based on the findings of their inspection, the Russian inspectors will prepare a report to OSCE member states, in which they will give their assessment of Lithuania's compliance with international arms control agreements.

It will be the third visit of foreign arms control inspectors in Lithuania so far this year.

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