2021.11.30 17:32

Lithuania's Interior Ministry wants to extend state of emergency over migrant crisis

BNS2021.11.30 17:32

Lithuania's Ministry of the Interior has proposed to extend the existing state of emergency at the border with Belarus for another month.

The state of emergency was introduced in response to a build-up of irregular migrants camping on the Poland-Belarus border on November 10 and is set to expire on December 9.

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The proposal to extend the state of emergency will be submitted for the cabinet to consider.

Under the proposal, the special regime in the territory stretching 19 km from the Belarusian border, as well as at migrant camps, would be in force until the midnight on January 9, 2022.

The state of emergency restricts the right of migrants accommodated in Lithuania to communicate in writing or by telephone, except to contact the country's authorities.

Among other things, reinforced controls are currently in place on the Lithuanian side of the border. The movement of vehicles in borderland without the permission of the border guards is restricted. Entry will be banned for civilians, except for local residents as well as those who have real estate in the area.

Initially Lithuania's authorities also restricted access to the border for the media, but later relented.

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