2021.11.24 10:30

Coronavirus receding in Lithuania, top epidemiologist says

Augustas Stankevičius, BNS2021.11.24 10:30

Lithuania's chief epidemiologist Loreta Ašoklienė says the epidemiological situation in the country is improving, adding, however, that it might be undermined by the continuous spread of the disease in schools.

“In Lithuania, following the extended autumn break in schools, we see a downward trend of the case rate,” she told BNS. “We continue to monitor whether this trend will persist, or the return of children to schools will lead to unfavourable tendencies. But it's likely that we'll see a continued decline in the number of cases.”

Enough people now have acquired immunity to Covid-19 through vaccination or by having recovered from the infection, according to Ašoklienė.

“People are also actively taking booster jabs. If the pace remains what it is, we can expect very good trends,” the top epidemiologist said.

Although coronavirus case rates are going down in Lithuania, some other European countries are seeing a surge in new infections, with Austria, Italy, and the Netherlands introducing stricter measures to manage the pandemic.

Ašoklienė say other countries are facing what Lithuania has recently gone through.

“We have reached the peak and we are now going down. Meanwhile, other countries are naturally moving towards the peak,” she said.

Lithuania's two-week rate of new coronavirus cases now stands at 976.4 per 100,000 people and has been going down for a third consecutive week.

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