2021.10.27 08:00

Lithuania's big businesses ask for looser migration policy

BNS2021.10.27 08:00

Investors in Lithuania would like fewer restrictions on employing foreign workers, the Investors' Forum representatives said after the meeting with government ministers on Tuesday.

“The government hears what we say, but does not have an answer. They will think, consider one way or the other and look for solutions. The issues are related to the facilitation of migration,” Rolandas Valiūnas, board chairman of the Investors' Forum, said the meeting with Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė.

The Investors' Forum is an association of big foreign investors in Lithuania.

Valiūnas also said that big companies should be given access to the European recovery fund, not just small businesses.

According to him, large and medium-sized businesses significantly contribute to growth in the country, therefore the government should consider giving them European funds as well.

“There are issues where the government has a different position from ours, meaning that our arguments have not been strong enough. For example, the issue of allocating structural and RRF funds not only to small business, but also to large and medium companies,” Valiūnas said.

Social Security and Labour Minister Monika Navickienė says that Lithuania should not focus on importing cheap labour, focusing instead on high added-value jobs.

Lithuania already stands out in the region by admitting relatively many non-EU workers, she pointed out.

“Compared to Estonia, where 1,300 non-qualified workers from third countries arrive a year, Lithuania allows 30,000 drivers to enter its transport sector alone. We stand out in the whole region specifically in terms of low-qualification workforce from third countries,” Navickienė said.

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