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What services can you access without Lithuania’s Covid pass?

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While people with national Covid certificates can enjoy a fairly unrestricted life, not having one might mean giving up most free-time activities. What services are still accessible pass-free in Lithuania?

The Lithuanian Economy and Innovation Ministry provides a list of services that do not require a national Covid certificate:

– Shopping at stores that sell essential goods, have a street-level entrance, and are smaller than 1,500 square metres. Essential goods include food, medicine, animal feed, veterinary goods, optical and orthopaedic goods, plants, seeds, and fertilisers.
– Online shopping when goods are home delivered or picked up at the collection points.
– Minor repair services when the contact between the client and provider is no longer than 15 minutes.
– Funeral services.
– Visiting terminally ill people, minors under the age of 14, as well as pregnant women at hospitals and other care institutions.
– Visiting museums and exhibitions.
– Visiting libraries to collect and return books.
– Personal healthcare services.
– Social services.
– Mental health services and psychotherapy.
– Veterinary services.
– Public transport services.
– Taxi and paid rideshare services.

– Legal services and attending courts.
– Activities related to the protection of children's rights.
– Services provided by the state and municipal institutions that cannot be provided remotely.
– Comprehensive family services.
– Assistance at the Technical Assistance Center for the Disabled and other similar institutions.
– Providing personal assistance to people with disabilities
– Assistance to those who have experienced domestic violence.
– Assistance to victims of human trafficking.
– Activities related to the reception of irregular migrants.
– Open-air services, trade, and economic activities, as well as commercial and non-commercial gatherings of people in public places with no more than 500 participants.
– Financial services, when the contact between the client and the provider is no longer than 15 minutes.
– Pre-school, primary, basic, and secondary education, vocational training, and non-formal education.

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