2021.10.25 17:25

Iran 'pursuing situation' of 13 nationals stranded on Lithuanian border

LRT.lt2021.10.25 17:25

The Iranian government says it is monitoring a group of Iranians allegedly stranded on the Lithuania-Belarus border, according to a report by Tehran's state-owned network Press TV.

According to Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh, 13 Iranian nationals, 10 women and three men, have been stranded for several days.

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“The Ministry is pursuing the situation seriously” and will seek to resolve it, Khatibzadeh said on Sunday.

He added that the Iranian Embassy in Minsk dispatched a delegation to the Lithuania-Belarus border and got in touch with one person in the group.

The delegation is trying to get the Iranian nationals return home, he said.

“We are positive that, within the framework of Tehran-Minsk relations, the Belarusian government will provide the necessary and sufficient cooperation until resolution of the Iranian nationals’ situation,” Khatibzadeh is quoted by Press TV.

Lithuanian border guards have been pushing back irregular migrants trying to cross its border from Belarus. Vilnius has accused the Minsk government of migrant smuggling, calling it “hybrid aggression”.

Over 4,200 people have crossed into Lithuania this year, most of them from the Middle East and Africa.

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