2021.10.23 13:00

Tallinn zoo vaccinates chimpanzees against Covid

LRT.lt2021.10.23 13:00

A pair of chimpanzees, Betty and Quincy, have received coronavirus vaccine shots at the Tallinn Zoo, as scientists say primates are vulnerable to Covid-19.

A number of animals in Estonia's zoo have been confirmed to have had the infection, reports.

“If the chimpanzees fall seriously ill, it means they will likely die. You cannot put a wild animal under an IV or send them to recover under a ventilator – they turn aggressive,” the website quotes Aleksandr Semjonov, the chief physician at the Estonian University of Life Sciences animal clinic.

Betty and Quincy were given BionTech/Pfizer vaccines left over from Estonia's general population vaccinations four weeks ago. They now await their second shots.

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