2021.10.20 14:49

Lithuania ‘will defend every inch of Western civilisation’, says president

BNS2021.10.20 14:49

Lithuania will defend "every inch of Western civilisation", President Gitanas Nausėda said on Wednesday.

"We, the Western community, Western civilisation, are not a random collection of pieces that just happened to fall together. [...] We are one body bonded together by values," Nausėda said in his speech at the Lithuanian National Security Conference in Vilnius on Wednesday.

The event was also attended by Polish President Andrej Duda, who is currently on a visit to Vilnius.

"It is not without a reason why some geopolitical thinkers describe the Lithuanian–Polish union as one of the biggest headaches for Russia. One of the most important targets to be addressed by pitting our two nations against each other. But they will not succeed. We will stand for, not against each other," Nausėda said.

His statement comes amid a migration crisis in Poland and the Baltics, which has been fostered by the Minsk regime. Amid a pushback policy and with Belarus channeling the irregular migrants toward the EU borders, several people have now been confirmed dead.

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The conference in Vilnius is focused on regional security and the involvement of civilians in territorial defence, as well as the security situation in the Baltic Sea region.

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