2021.10.20 13:02

Man with Covid turned back from hospital as Lithuania saves beds for critically ill

LRT.lt2021.10.20 13:02

As Lithuania's coronavirus cases mount, a 65-year-old man with Covid-19 was not admitted to hospital due to the need to preserve spaces for critically ill patients.

Vidas in Alytus, southern Lithuania, was sick the coronavirus for 13 days, according to his stepson, Povilas Šklėrius. On Monday, the man’s condition worsened.

“He had difficulty breathing, was coughing a lot, had a fever, felt severe leg and back pain,” Šklėrius told ELTA news agency. “Our family doctor said we should call an ambulance. When they came, doctors decided that a more detailed examination was needed.”

But when Vidas arrived at Alytus S Kudirka hospital, he was sent home.

“Doctors said that while he was standing on his own two feet, he could not be admitted to the hospital,” Šklėrius said.

According to Dmitrijus Kačiurinas, deputy director of the Alytus hospital, Covid situation is very serious. Out of 70 Covid beds at the hospital, 62 are currently full, with five out of seven ICU beds also taken.

“Therefore, we are only hospitalising those patients who are in a critical condition and need oxygen therapy or lung ventilation,” he said.

Nevertheless, all patients who arrive at the hospital must be registered and assisted, if necessary, Kačiurinas added. He did not know why Vidas was not inspected at the hospital and said the man should try coming again.

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