2021.10.19 09:35

Lithuania plans to deploy up to 323 troops in missions overseas

BNS2021.10.19 09:35

Lithuania’s Defence Minister plans to deploy up to 323 troops to international operations in the next two years, pending parliamentary approval. A similar number of troops was deployed overseas in 2020–2021. 

In addition to ongoing operations, the country plans to join the French-led Takuba mission in Mali and the EU's training mission in Mozambique.

Lithuania’s priorities remain participation in international operations led by NATO, the European Union, the United Nations and allied coalitions, as well as Lithuania's military training mission in Ukraine, the Defence Ministry said in a press release on Monday.

The draft parliamentary resolution, submitted by the ministry, asks to greenlight a deployment of up to 30 military or civilian defence personnel to the French-led Task Force Takuba.

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Next year, Lithuania plans to contribute to the EU military training mission in Mozambique, launched earlier in 2021, with up to 11 military and civilian defence personnel.

From November this year, a Lithuanian Force Protection Unit will start serving in NATO's military training operation in Iraq as part of the Danish contingent. Lithuania's total contribution to this operation will not exceed 50 military and civilian personnel.

The new mandate should maintain Lithuania's current contribution to other international operations, including up to 50 military and civilian personnel to the UN-led stability operation Minusma, up to 11 in the EU's military training missions in Mali and the Central African Republic, and up to 30 and 20 in the EU's military operations Atalanta and Irini, respectively.

Lithuania will continue to contribute up to five military and defence personnel to the NATO-led multinational force operation in Kosovo, up to 40 to the US-led coalition's Operation Inherent Resolve, and up to five to a US-led operation in the Strait of Hormuz.

Up to 60 military and defence personnel should continue to be deployed to Lithuania's military training operation in Ukraine.

The Lithuanian parliament is expected to approve the 2022–2023 mandate for overseas missions during its autumn session.

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