2021.10.22 09:45

Lithuania to restore one of its oldest windmills

LRT RADIJAS, LRT.lt2021.10.22 09:45

One of the oldest and biggest mills in Lithuania, located in northern Stačiūnai village, is undergoing renovation. A museum will be established in the four-storey building.

The mill is 130 years old and is listed as a piece of technical heritage.

Its wings are not controlled on the ground, like in most mills, but with a special mechanism on the roof.

The Stačiūnai mill is one of around 30 mills in Pakruojis District. Most of these mills are in dire condition, but the municipality cannot afford to renovate all of them, said Saulius Margis, Mayor of Pakruojis District.

“We cannot fix all of these mills for them to be beautiful and functional. To do so, we need support from the government and cultural heritage institutions,” Margis told LRT Radio.

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