2021.10.15 18:09

Lithuanian PM sees no need to impose regional lockdowns: ‘restrictions are sufficient’

LRT.lt2021.10.15 18:09

On Friday, Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė said that regional lockdowns are possible but unnecessary because the existing Covid restrictions are sufficient.

The prime minister visited Joniškis, the second worst affected municipality in Lithuania. During her trip, Šimonytė said that numbers of new Covid infections might be deceptive.

“Around 20 percent of new daily coronavirus cases are children under 12 years old, who are not yet eligible for vaccination,” the prime minister said. “Around 30 percent are fully vaccinated people, and the remainder are unvaccinated people.”

Asked if the government could consider imposing regional quarantines in the most affected municipalities, Šimonytė said that such measures were possible but unnecessary.

“The government thinks that the current restrictions on indoor venues and crowded places are sufficient,” she said.

“The logic of strict spring and winter quarantines was related to the fact that we did not have any vaccines back then. Now, there is another solution, and it is crystal clear,” the prime minister added, referring to the need to vaccinate more people.

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