2021.10.15 14:41

Lithuania says terror suspects found among migrants, authorities keep mum on details

BNS2021.10.15 14:41

On Friday, a Lithuanian parliamentary committee said there were several dozen irregular migrants in the country with terrorism links. 

During a press conference on Friday, Interior Minister Agnė Bilotaitė refrained from commenting on the findings.

"I would like to assure everyone, our society, that our institutions do their job professionally. All persons are identified and necessary measures are being taken,” she said.

The people will be “sent out or subjected to other security measures for the society to be protected", she added.

Laurynas Kasčiūnas, chairman of the parliament committee on defence, said there were "several dozen persons who entered Lithuania as illegal migrants and we have information [that] they are linked to one or another terrorist organisation or group".

Since July, four people have been sent out of the country due to their links with terrorism, he told the news website.

More than ten individuals are currently under observation, Kasčiūnas added.

Speaking with journalists later on Friday, he said "several dozen" people who entered Lithuanian from Belarus are “completely neutralised”.

"They are under surveillance and have no means of communication," he said.

The MP said the links with terrorism "can be indirect and distant", but did not disclose more details. He said there were Iraqi nationals among those with the alleged terrorism ties.

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