2021.10.14 16:19

Memorial to killed Lithuanian officer unveiled in Bosnia

BNS2021.10.14 16:19

A memorial to Senior Lieutenant Normundas Valteris has been unveiled near the Bosnian town of Maglaj, where the Lithuanian military officer was killed during the peacekeeping mission 25 years ago, the Defense Ministry said on Thursday.    

"The memory of Normundas should be alive in the hearts of all Lithuanian soldiers," said Nerijus Kundrotas, who served in two peacekeeping missions in the Balkans together with Valteris.

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Funds for the memorial were raised by officers of the first graduating class of the Lithuanian Military Academy in 1994, as well as the officer’s friends and fellow service members. They transported the stone to Bosnia and erected it at the site of his death in September.

Senior Lieutenant Valteris was killed on April 17, 1996, while on assignment near Maglaj town in northern Bosnia. He was serving in NATO's peace enforcement mission in the former Yugoslavia.

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