2021.10.14 09:34

EU–Poland row 'unpleasant' but solution can be found, says Lithuanian PM

BNS2021.10.14 09:34

Warsaw's row with Brussels over the supremacy of EU law is "unpleasant", but a solution can be found, Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Šimoyntė said on Wednesday.  

She noted that disagreements between Brussels and Warsaw are "worrying" because both sides are "equally important to Lithuania politically, geopolitically and geo-strategically".

"I do want to believe that, as is usually the case in the European Union, an agreement and a way out of this unpleasant situation will be found. The situation is unpleasant," she said.

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Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausėda also said last week that he expected Poland and the EU to find a compromise in what he described as a "legal dispute".

"Any emotional or political involvement in this process is unnecessary and probably superfluous, if not more harmful than useful," he said.

Poland's Constitutional Tribunal last week challenged the primacy of EU law over national law by ruling that several articles in the EU treaties are "incompatible" with the Polish constitution.

The court also warned EU institutions not to act "beyond the scope of their competences" by interfering with Poland's judicial reforms.

Brussels warned ahead of the ruling that the case could have "consequences" for the EU's yet to be approved pandemic recovery payments to Poland.

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