2021.10.13 18:01

Lithuania's Juknevičienė elected vice-chair of European Parliament’s EPP group

BNS2021.10.13 18:01

On Wednesday, Lithuanian MEP Rasa Juknevičienė of the conservative Homeland Union was elected vice-chairperson of the European Parliament’s centre-right European People's Party Group.  

This marked the first time a Lithuanian MEP will hold the position of a vice-chairperson in the EPP Group structures, Juknevičienė’s office said in a press release.

She was among five MEPs who received the most votes out of 11 candidates.

"I come from a pro-European country. The people who voted for me are in favour of a strong and united European Union," Juknevičienė said in a statement. "This is a mandate I have been given in the EPP Group, a family to which I have proudly belonged for almost 30 years."

Lithuania’s Homeland Union is a member of the EPP Group, the largest political group in the European Parliament with 179 MEPs from 26 EU member states.

The leadership of the EPP Group consists of a chairperson and ten vice-chairs.

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