2021.10.13 14:00

Meet Vilnius’ new street mural – a funky Einstein

Margarita Alper, LRT TV, LRT.lt2021.10.13 14:00

Meet Vilnius’ new street mural – a funky Einstein

A 20-metre tall Albert Einstein is now greeting visitors of the Vilnius station area. Painted on a wall on Šopenas Street by artist Ettoja, the artwork is part of the open-air art exhibition Open Gallery.

“Einstein is a recognisable historical figure, like Mona Lisa or Che Guevara. Plus, we needed a connection to science,” the artist Ettoja said. “Here, I portrayed Einstein as a youthful traveller.”

Open Gallery is a year-round street art initiative that features work created by Lithuanian and foreign artists, usually on the walls of buildings. The gallery embodies concepts of freedom and rebirth.

„Open Gallery“ pildosi naujais kūriniais: autobusų stotį pasitiks keliolikos metrų dydžio Einšteinas

The portrait of Albert Einstein was created in cooperation with Erasmus Programme.

Another painting as part of Open Gallery appeared on Švitrigailos Street near the Loftas venue. Here, street artist Timotiejus Norvila created a piece depicting a railway.

Five new works, featuring light installations, sculptures, and wall paintings, will be added to Open Gallery this year, said Živilė Diawara, the exhibition founder. In total, almost 50 works will be part of the Open Gallery collection.

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