2021.10.13 11:00

Criticise Belarus not Lithuania over migration crisis, says PM

LRT.lt2021.10.13 11:00

There is no reason why the EU should scold Lithuania for the way the country handles the migration crisis, according to Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė.

“I am surprised that discussions on migration are often limited to the Lithuanian border,” Šimonytė told the news website. “Lukashenko receives less criticism for organising all of this.”

According to her, the crisis continues because the Belarusian regime keeps pushing irregular migrants to the Lithuanian border.

“But I am happy that all EU institutions agree that this is not only a migration crisis but an intentional act [by Lukashenko’s regime] to destabilise Lithuania and the EU,” Šimonytė said.

Almost 4,200 migrants, mostly Iraqi citizens, have crossed into Lithuania from Belarus so far this year.

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