2021.10.12 11:18

Lithuanian Gulag postcard written on tree bark included in UNESCO register

BNS2021.10.12 11:18

A postcard written on birch bark in a Soviet Gulag camp was included in the Lithuanian National Register of the UNESCO World Memory Programme, the Lithuanian Special Archives announced on Tuesday.

Anatalija Grinevičiūtė, who was imprisoned in the Inta Women’s Corrective Labour Camp, a town in today’s Russian Komi Republic, wrote the Easter postcard on birch bark in 1956.

The postcard was sent to Kostas Kovaliukas, who was imprisoned in the men's camp of the Inta Corrective Labour Camp. The postcard was seized by Soviet security officials on March 3, 1958, during a search of Kovaliukas’ apartment in Inta.

The other two objects of the UNESCO World Memory Programme stored in the Lithuania Special Archive include the Lithuanian Partisans Declaration of February 16, 1949, as well as a map of the mass deportations that took place during the 1949 Operation Priboj.

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