2021.10.06 11:30

Germany declares Lithuania as Covid high-risk area

DPA2021.10.06 11:30

Germany has declared Romania and Lithuania as high-risk areas for Covid, according to fresh foreign office guidelines taking effect on October 3.

Anyone who has not been fully vaccinated or recovered and who enters Germany from either country has to go into quarantine for ten days and can only leave quarantine after five days with a negative Covid test result.

In travel warnings posted on its website, the foreign office in Berlin warned against "unnecessary tourist trips" to Romania and Lithuania.

Up until now Slovenia is the only member state of the European Union that is fully classified as a high-risk area.

Around 70 countries around the world are wholly or partially on the risk list.

In addition to Romania and Lithuania, Belarus and El Salvador in Latin America will also be joining that list on Sunday, while Mozambique will be deleted.

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the country's infectious diseases agency, announced the guidelines on October 1.

Countries and regions with a particularly high risk of infection are classified as high-risk areas.

However, it is not just the infection numbers that are decisive. Other criteria are the speed at which the virus is spreading, the burden on the health system or a lack of data on the corona situation.

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