2021.09.21 16:00

Lithuania may declare quarantine to bring back facemasks – PM

LRT.lt2021.09.21 16:00

Lithuania may have to bring back quarantine to make facemasks mandatory at indoor public places, Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė said on Tuesday

At present, facemasks are only a recommended measure to stem the spread of the coronavirus. The government is likely to announce the change after a cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

The government would therefore need to announce quarantine, a legal status, “because under [the existing] extreme situation we cannot make [facemasks] mandatory”, said Šimonytė.

“We see the epidemiological situation [in western Lithuania], which is different from the rest of the country [and] worse than during the spike in April,” she said. “If we cannot talk people into [...] protecting themselves under their own initiative, then all we have left to do is to declare such a requirement.”

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