2021.09.20 17:00

Fatigue, memory and concentration loss – Lithuanians report lingering post-Covid symptoms

LRT.lt2021.09.20 17:00

A tenth of Lithuanians experienced symptoms that linger well after recovery from Covid-19, a survey by Kaunas Clinics suggests.

The survey of 1,300 people was carried out in May through July, according to a press release by Kaunas Clinics.

“Research shows that only some 37 percent of respondents had other medical conditions before contracting Covid-19. The most common conditions were arterial hypertension, obesity and allergies, while thyroid disease and digestive tract problems were less common,” says cardiologist Raimondas Kubilius, head of the Department of Rehabilitation at Kaunas Clinics. “Some 87.9 percent evaluated their health as good, very good or excellent prior to contracting Covid-19.”

Only some 4.4 percent of respondents did not experience any Covid-19 symptoms.

Study shows that “fatigue, partial or complete loss of the sense of smell, fever, cold shivers, and muscle pain” were among the most common symptoms of the coronavirus, according to Kubilius.

People diagnosed with post-Covid syndrome experience lingering symptoms, as well as other complications, according to the survey.

“More than half of respondents that have recovered from Covid-19 still suffered from [...] lack of energy. More than a third said they felt general fatigue, as well as problems with memory and concentration,” says Dovilė Važgelienė, a rehabilitation specialist at Kaunas Clinics.

A little over a third of all respondents that experienced lingering symptoms consulted with health specialists.

“Nearly half of respondents that were diagnosed with post-Covid syndrome said that they needed rehabilitation and found it beneficial,” says Kubilius.

The majority of the respondends found that their health had deteriorated significantly, as "only less than half said that their health got only a little worse", according to Kubilius. "Some 38 percent of participants noticed limitations on both physical and work activity."

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