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Short stories of Lithuanian photography. Ugnius Gelguda

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LRT and MO Museum bring you a series of videos presenting key Lithuanian photographers.

Ugnius Gelguda

„10 Lietuvos fotografijos istorijų“. Erdvines instaliacijas kuriantis Ugnius Gelguda fotografijose siekia kalbėti apie tai, ką dauguma linkę nutylėti (su vertimu į anglų k.)

Formerly an active photographer, Ugnius Gelguda is now a member of the artistic duo Pakui Hardware and makes spatial installations.

In his photos, the artist seeks to capture current concerns of the society, to highlight issues and topics that most would prefer to keep silent.

The series Life Together gives sensitive and delicate portrayals of diverse families and couples: heterosexual and homosexual, with a large age difference between the spouses, early married and others.

But depictions of non-straight people have met a backlash and the images have been excluded from two exhibitions. Last year, MO Museum’s billboard with one of the photos was smeared with red paint.

Which begs the question: have we become any more tolerant in the two decades since the photos were taken?

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear ‘Žalgiris’? The medieval battle or the basketball club? For the audiovisual installation Žalgiris, photography is not enough – it is but one of the media used in the interdisciplinary artwork. The roaring crowd becomes a symbol of unity.

Moreover, the work speaks of the youth’s detachment from the dominant system, a resistance that gives rise to new social groups. It is the point where the boundary disappears between individual and group identity.

In the Gravitation series, according to Gelguda, you will not see an intoxicated or tired crowd – idealised youths know how to pose
and use the power of photography.

The title of the series of polaroids has several meanings. First, it is a reference to Gravity, one of the first dance clubs in Lithuania.

It is also a state where all constraints unravel in the whirl of nocturnal frenzy, including the Earth’s pull.

These and other photographs by Ugnius Gelguda will be on display at MO Museum in the exhibition Celebrate for Change.

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