2021.09.16 13:52

New popularity ratings show Lithuania's main parties neck and neck

BNS2021.09.16 13:52

Popularity ratings of Lithuania's three major parties – the conservative Homeland Union–Lithuanian Christian Democrats, the Social Democratic Party, and the Lithuanian Farmers and Greens Union – have almost evened out, according to a new survey.

Carried out by Spinter Tyrimai for on August 24-31, the survey shows that 12.1 percent said they would vote for the Homeland Union, slightly down from 13.5 percent in June.

The Social Democrats would receive backing from 11.9 percent of the respondents (9.9 percent in June), and 11.1 percent would vote for the Farmers and Greens Union (14.8 percent in June).

The Liberal Movement was supported by 7 percent of the respondents (7.1), the Freedom Party, 5.3 percent (5.5 percent), and the Labour Party, 5.3 percent (4.1 percent).

The survey involved phone and online interviews of 1,014 people.

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