2021.09.15 17:00

Lithuanian study shows Pfizer vaccine to be effective against Delta variant

Ramūnas Jakubauskas, BNS2021.09.15 17:00

The Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine is effective against the Delta variant and protects from severe complications and death, a data analysis by Statistics Lithuania suggests.

The analysis, which was presented to the government on Wednesday, found that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was 77-80 percent effective against the Delta variant.

“Fully vaccinated people have about five times less risk of infection; this is a highly effective vaccine,” Jonas Bačelis, a spokesman for the statistics office, told journalists. “This is an excellent result.”

The effectiveness of the vaccine is higher for young people and for those who have been vaccinated recently, at over 90 percent, he said.

The vaccine is 83-92 percent effective against hospitalisations. The unvaccinated are ten times more likely to be hospitalised due to severe Covid-19 symptoms.

The risk of dying from Covid-19 is at least 20 times higher for the unvaccinated than for the vaccinated, according to the analysis.

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