2021.09.14 12:10

Lithuania's hospitals feel the squeeze as Covid infections rise

LRT TV, LRT.lt2021.09.14 12:10

Lithuania's hospitals have dedicated over 1,000 beds to serious coronavirus cases. At the moment, 850 of them are filled.

Santara Clinic in Vilnius, one of the country's biggest hospitals, says the situation is tense, but stable. This week, it plans to close down one of the infectious disease units and convert its 12 beds for Covid-19 patients.

“Our biggest concern is the emergency beds. At the moment, 90 percent of emergency beds in Santara Clinic are filled,” says the hospital's director Jolita Jakutienė, adding that nine out of ten patients in intensive care are unvaccinated.

Other hospitals in and around Vilnius are also increasing their bed allocations for Covid patients. Alytus Hospital, in southern Lithuania, added 10 more beds, while Druskininkai Hospital started accepting Covid patients.

In Šiauliai, Lithuania's fourth biggest town, infections and hospitalisations have been on the rise for the last month. The town's main hospital has decided to suspend non-essential scheduled surgeries to cope with the influx of Covid patients.

The head of Kaunas Clinic says the number of patients that need lung ventilation has doubled over the last month.

“Two patients are admitted every day, while there would be only one a month ago,” says Vaidotas Gurskis. “Last weekend, for example, 70 percent of our emergency beds were occupied.”

Throughout Lithuania, 86 coronavirus patients currently need intensive care, 49 of them are on lung ventilators.

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