2021.09.13 16:08

Lithuania's schools start academic year with relatively few coronavirus infections

BNS2021.09.13 16:08

Lithuania has registered 42 coronavirus clusters in education institutions since the start of September, with about 90 percent of them recorded in secondary schools and the remaining in kindergartens, according to the National Public Health Centre (NVSC).

A total of 126 infections are linked to the 42 clusters. Most of them, nine out of ten, are students or school staff members.

A total of 1,021 high-risk contacts linked to the clusters have been isolated. Another 230 individuals are thought to have had low-risk exposure.

According to the NVSC, Covid-19 clusters in most schools and kindergartens are small, with just two to three cases.

“The majority of cases in educational institutions were registered among children,” NVSC spokeswoman Justina Petravičienė told BNS. “This can be attributed to the fact that more than 80 percent of teaching staff have already been vaccinated.”

“This is very important, because all of us want children to be taught in classrooms,” she added.

Despite Lithuania's worsening epidemiological situation, medical and care institutions have mostly avoided infection outbreaks, unlike a year ago when the vaccination campaign had not yet started, Petravičienė noted.

All schools across Lithuania started the new academic year with teaching in classrooms. Vaccination or testing is not mandatory, but is recommended for students.

Lithuania has seen an increase in Covid-19 infections lately.

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