2021.09.02 17:00

IOM profiles migrants in Lithuania: every fifth with university degree, most fleeing persecution

LRT.lt2021.09.02 17:00

The UN's International Organization for Migration (IOM) has carried out a survey among the recently arrived asylum seekers in Lithuania. According to the report published on Thursday, the majority say they are fleeing persecution and violence.

The “rapid profiling” report surveyed 110 respondents – 62 were male and 48 female with a median age of 28. The top three nationalities were Iraqi, Sri Lankan, and Syrian.

“Main reason for leaving their country of origin or country of usual residence for 56% of respondents is personal/ targetted violence or persecution, followed by economic reasons and war/conflict (each 14%),” the report says.

“Over half of respondents (51%) state Lithuania as destination country, followed by Germany for 27%.”

According to the IOM, “main reason to travel to Lithuania for 54% respondent would be because of rumours about migration/asylum policy in Lithuania”, while 21 percent were seeking to join family members in another EU country.

“Majority (72.92%) travel with family members, while 13.54% have travel on their own,” the report says. “Some 46% have secondary education, 24% have primary education, 20% has some form of university education.”

Soem 4,100 irregular migrants have entered Lithuania in the past several months.

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