2021.09.02 14:19

Lithuania to house some migrants in Vilnius, minister vows to improve conditions

BNS2021.09.02 14:19

Lithuania's authorities will move all irregular migrants out of temporary accommodation into proper housing by the end of September, Interior Minister Agnė Bilotaitė said on Thursday.

“This month, we are committed to move, in stages, all irregular migrants who are currently accommodated in border stations and municipal premises to warm premises or insulated modular housing units,” she told reporters in the border town of Medininkai.

Migrants in temporary accommodation currently number around 1,400, according to the minister.

Vulnerable people will be accommodated in the Rukla Refugee Reception Centre, central Lithuania, and in a temporary hostel in Naujininkai, a district of Vilnius.

Others will be accommodated in Medininkai and in the Foreigners Registration Centre in Pabradė, a town near the Belarusian border.

Single men, who now live in a tent camp in the Rūdninkai military training area, will be moved to a disused correctional facility in Kybartai.

“The Rūdninkai camp will be reorganised, with modular housing units to be built there,” Bilotaitė said.

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