2021.08.19 15:12

Lithuanian police troll protesters who claim tear gas contained Covid

LRT.lt2021.08.19 15:12

Responding to a conspiracy theory that tear gas used against protesters in an anti-vaccination rally contained Covid-19, Lithuanian police said they will next time include vaccines.

“If the police used gas with [Covid] infection, then we would like to confirm that next time (if needed) the police will use gas with vaccines,” the Lithuania police posted on its official Facebook page.

The post comes in response to a claim which has gone viral on the Telegram group of the Family Movement (Lietuvos Šeimų Sąjūdis) organisation. In it, an alleged participant of the anti-vaccination protest on August 10 said he and his “friends and colleagues” became infected with the coronavirus from the tear gas fired by the police.

“My doctor is analysing the remains of the gas,” the person said.

On August 10, some 5,000 people gathered to protest against vaccination and Covid restrictions. The rally turned violent, when dozens of rioters harassed journalists, MPs, and clashed with the police outside the parliament.

The police responded with tear gas and pepper spray to quell the riot. Eighteen officers were injured and 26 people arrested.

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