2021.08.19 11:48

Two Lithuanian citizens evacuated from Afghanistan – ministry

BNS2021.08.19 11:48

Two Lithuanian citizens have been evacuated from Afghanistan and are now in safe countries, the Foreign Ministry said on Thursday.  

"I am glad to say that the Lithuanian citizens have successfully left Afghanistan and are currently in safe states," Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis said in a press release.

"I thank the diplomatic and other services of Germany, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan for their assistance in arranging their evacuation," he added.

Landsbergis said the ministry had been in constant contact with the Lithuanians. The ministry said it had no information about other Lithuanian citizens in need of help.

Lithuania in talks with US, Ukraine to get interpreters out of Afghanistan

Around 100 Afghan interpreters and their family members are currently also waiting for an airlift to Lithuania.

Lithuania has been in talks with partners, such as the United States and Ukraine, to evacuate Afghan interpreters who aided Lithuanian troops, adviser to President Gitanas Nauėeda said on Thursday.

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"We are talking to our allies, first of all, Americans, but also with others," Asta Skaisgirytė, Nausėda's chief foreign policy advisor, told LRT RADIO. "We are talking to partners, such as Ukraine, who can also help us in this situation."

Securing Ukraine's help in the situation is "quite possible" because of close ties between the armed forces of the two countries, according to the adviser.

"Certainly, that requires political decisions," she added. "We will try to act together."

The last Lithuanian troops returned from Afghanistan in late June after NATO decided to withdraw from the 20-year conflict.

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