2021.08.04 11:53

Estonian MEP says Lithuania should invoke NATO Article 4

LRT.lt2021.08.04 11:53

Estonian MEP and former commander of the country’s armed forces, Riho Terras, said that Lithuania should invoke NATO’s Article 4, which calls for urgent consultations amid threats to territorial integrity and stability.

"There is a hybrid war underway on the Lithuanian border," Terras was quoted by ERR News, "It is a consistent attack through which the pressure on the Lithuanian state is gradually growing with each refugee flown in by Belarus from the Middle East and sent over the border."

"Involving NATO is the only right course of action here," he said, adding that it would work as a deterrent against “opportunist dictators”.

The article calls for allies to consult whenever “the territorial integrity, political independence or security of any of the parties is threatened” and was previously invoked four times by Turkey in response to events in Syria. And although Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland called a meeting in March 2014 over the Crimean crisis, the Article 4 was not invoked.

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