2021.08.03 09:55

Belarus ‘taking down barbed wire’ on Lithuanian border, says defence ministry

Jurga Bakaitė, LRT.lt2021.08.03 09:55

A photo has surfaced on social media, allegedly showing “Belarusian soldiers who are taking down barbed wire” on the country’s border with Lithuania, according to the Lithuanian Defence Ministry.

"Intelligence services are closely following the security situation in the region and the ongoing preparations for the Zapad-2021” Belarusian and Russian military drills, Aurelija Katkuvienė from the Defence Ministry’s strategic communications department told

She did not say whether the barbed wire removal was part of the exercises that are due to begin on September.

The Lithuanian Border Guard Service (VSAT) could only confirm that the two individuals are seen on Belarusian territory and the wire is not the concertina fence currently being erected on the Lithuanian side of the border.

“We see this photo. I cannot confirm they are Belarusian border guards,” said Rokas Pukinskas, spokesperson for VSAT.

It’s also unclear what agency the two men represent, he said, adding that the VSAT has no recorded footage of the event.

In a comment sent to later on Tuesday, the Defence Ministry said the two individuals were "wearing uniforms of the Belarusian border guards".

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